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Official Website:

Facebook: @Nickdelahoyde (150k followers)

Tik Tok: @Nickdelahoyde (205k followers)

Instagram: @Ndelahoyde (285k followers)

Spotify: @Nickdelahoyde (8k followers)

Soundcloud: @Nickdelahoyde

Youtube Channel: @Nickdelahoyde (32.6k subs)

Artist Contact Email:

Artist Name: Nick de la Hoyde

Location: Sydney

Release Title: Devotion

Release Date: 25th February, 2020

Label: Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd

Written by: Nick de la Hoyde, Joseph de la Hoyde, Timothy de la Hoyde

Producer Name(s): D.E.L (Nick de la Hoyde, Joseph de la Hoyde, Timothy de la Hoyde)

Genre(s): Alt Pop, R&B

Previous Accolades: A  Beautiful Mess -Winner at the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards - Pop Album Category Animals -Finalist @ International Songwriting Contest (ISC)  (2019) Mirror Mirror - Finalist & Honorary Mention @ International Songwriting Contest (ISC) 

Label: Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd

Publishing: Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd

Radio: Russell Thomas -

Press: James Moore -



Award-winning Sydney-based Alternative Pop musician Nick de la Hoyde continues a prolific streak of releases with the thoughtful, powerful single "Devotion", out February 25 via Gatcombe Music. On "Devotion", Nick's lyrics focus on the love of the journey, the now moment, as opposed to the relentless drive towards the future. Musically, the new single is all beauty and spaciousness, with Nick de la Hoyde's vocals gliding over a downtempo beat with the epic slickness of a Bond theme.

Written and recorded with brothers/producers Joseph & Timothy de la Hoyde, Devotion is a track about being woken from a state of blind ambition to realizing there is more to life! Sonically Nick’s vocal swoons over a lush cinematic soundscape, featuring a rich orchestral brass and string section, and hard hitting drums.


From the Artist: "It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the future. Ambitiously chasing goals so hard that everything else in your life comes second. But then along comes a special person, who makes you open your eyes to the love and the magical journey you were previously shutting out! Your life turns from emptiness to one of beauty." - Nick de la Hoyde

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