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A Baeble NEXT session with Nick de la Hoyde

Check it out HERE

Australian songwriter Nick de la Hoyde recently popped into Baeble HQ, performing sensitive, acoustic versions of his genre-bending, atmospheric pop for our newest Baeble NEXT Session. De la Hoyde started writing music at the age of 16 while pursuing a football career in Barcelona. Living on his own at such a young age, Barcelona was admittedly a tough time for de la Hoyde. He didn't speak Spanish, he spent a lot of time journaling, and one day started turning those scribblings into raps, and eventually song. With a belief in his new creative output and the support of his family, de la Hoyde chose to hang up his cleats and pursue a musical career; a wise choice as his YouTube and Spotify pages have exploded with hundreds of thousands of plays over the last couple of years. Digging through the trap-like sound of "Never Gonna Beg For It" and more straight-forward pop vibes of "Thinking Bout You", it's easy to hear why he's racking up the hits. His style comes from a variety of angles, mixing hip hop, rock, alternative, R&B, and spoken word. That's just what happens when you come from a multi-cultural family and have spent a good portion of your life circling the globe. In our session, de la Hoyde pairs the songs down to their acoustic roots. Joined by his producer (and brother) on guitar, this NEXT session reveals a glimpse of what de la Hoyde's music first sounded like when he started writing in that Catalonian apartment. Thinking bout Nick yet? After watching this you will be.

Artist Bio

In the current musical landscape, there are no longer barriers. You dont have to be from New York or LA to be a rap artist. Poetry and pop music can go hand-in-hand, and an MC doesnt need to shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve. This makes it the perfect time to introduce Nick de la Hoyde. Nick de la Hoyde is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter/rapper from Sydney, Australia. In pursuit of a professional football career, Nick moved to Barcelona, Spain at the age of 15 and lived there for 4 years. It was during this time that Nick started to explore hip-hop music as a way of expressing his frustrations with the ups and downs of following his dreams. What started out as an outlet, soon became a burning passion. Nick wrote lyrics and melodies to his favorite instrumentals as well as original songs, in collaboration with Sydney based composer, musician and producer (and brother) Joseph de la Hoyde (de la Aurora & Monks of Mellonwah). Melding the sounds and vibes of hip-hop, pop, soul, R&B, and spoken word, Nick de la Hoyde developed a style that defies genres. With introspective lyrics that read like personal journal entries, his songs express the angst and triumphs that come with youth, dreams, and determination. That message certainly made an impact. By performing his songs online and through his self-made videos, Nick began to make a name for himself, building a strong and loyal fanbase that continues to grow. This growth has been seen across all of Nick's social media sites, and in particular on Instagram where he has amassed a large following in just five 5 months. Nick's work recently caught the attention of Chicago based Hip-Hop producer Lemoyne 'LA' Alexander (R.Kelly, Aaliyah) who invited Nick to the USA to collaborate. The result, Nick's debut single The Longest Way, realeased in October, entered the US top 100 chart strongly in 2015.

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